15 best At-Home Date Ideas during quarantine

Badly in need of some date night (at home) ideas?

we at BoredSparrow offer 15 great ideas for enjoyable, easy to plan, not so expensive and most importantly at home date you can try with your love bird. if you ever find yourself in a position where you can’t afford a night out, instead of throwing the ideas of date night entirely out of the box, stay in and have fun and most romantic date night at home anyway.

01: Play a board game

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Break out the Boggle. A little neighborly rivalry can get the sparkles flying again in your relationship. If your objective is a little too competitive, and those flashes may transform into burning wrath, you would most likely be in an ideal situation having a go at something different.


02: Make Dinner Together

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Making dinner on a weeknight can be a surged and upsetting issue. But cooking together when you have deliberately blocked off time for the task, and the kids are in sleeping, can be great of fun and a pleasant way to reconnect. Make something you have not attempted before that’s hands-on in preparation, similar to sushi or custom homemade pasta.


03: Paint With Watercolors

When was the last time you busted out some art supplies and tried your hand at painting? It is really fun if you remember. So get some cheap watercolor sets and some big pieces of paper and sit together to paint your best masterpieces. Remember to add some cheerful little trees and birds back in the sky.


04: Create an At-Home “Bookstore”

One of our preferred dates is to go to a bookstore, not only to browse their books but to grab a few magazines and sit in the cafe to read them. You can create this magic bookstore experience at home by each buying a couple of magazines beforehand and then making your cappuccino. Make yourself comfortable with seats around the house, taste on your beverages, read the books, and share the interesting things and facts you come across with your loved one.


05: Ask Each Other Questions

There are a huge amount of “questions for couples” books and card decks out there. And there are also ones that are not specifically couple-focused, but simply offer enjoyment friendly exchanges for everyone. If you feel like you and your love have not really spoken in a long time, and have difficulty discussing anything besides work or your children, having a list of interesting question prompts can get you laughing, conversing, and learning new things about each other once again.


06: Play Indoor Mini Golf/Croquet

Mini golf is a date night staple for many peoples, but you don’t have to go out to do around with your girl. When I was little, we had a Nerf Indoor Golf set that allowed you to set up little “holes” all around the house. It’s been abandoned, and no one really seems to make a set that’s, ahem, on par with it, but you can pick up a used one on amazon for like $50 the clubs are kid-sized, so you’ll have to lean over some but believe me that will be part of the humor and fun. There is such a thing as indoor croquet sets as well.


07: Do a Puzzle

Like playing a board game, doing a puzzle together is a nice relaxing exercise that helps you chill out and have a good discussion. Pick a puzzle you can finish that night. Something like 100-200 pieces.


08: Take a bubble bath

A lot of people have an adequate tub, or even a bathroom Jacuzzi, that they never ever use. in their silly life, they rely only on the efficiency of their shower. So take a break from the cycle, slow things down, and get romantic by lighting up some candles and soaking in a relaxing bubble bath with the love of your life. Do I need to say more?


09: Give each other massages

Watch video tutorials to learn some proper techniques on how to give massages and give each other massage. You never know what it turns out.


10: have a karaoke night

Find songs with lyrics on the internet and sing your heart out. This could be really funny and enjoyable at the same time.


11: Decorate mugs for each other

Sharpie Mug

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If you are a human then you must have cups in your home. Pick up a sharpie marker and decorate a cup for each other it will great fun to remember how much you love each other each time you drink from it in the morning.


12: Make Homemade Donuts

Make donuts share them with your neighbors or eat them all by yourself. I won’t judge.


13: Have a video game night

This is a really fun thing to do. we start playing the games right after our marriage and we stayed up until 4 am sometimes to play the games. My wife knows I am going to be a great husband.


14: Have a candle night dinner

it does not matter if you are eating hot dogs or macaroni and cheese. Anything that is eaten by candlelight is romantic.


15: Write down your love story

It’s still not late. write down to videotape your love story. Your kids will be so glad and it will be great fun for them to go back and watch or read years down the road in life. it will be amazing how much you will forget!



Here are some more creative ideas a big thanks to my friend ©redbucket75 / Reddit

1: Mini Golf

Create a mini-golf course in your home, including building obstacles, any stick-type object and any ball will do.

2: Think of body parts that have never touched

And touch them (“my left foot has never touched your neck”). The person who thinks of the most wins.

3: Think of ways to murder each other

And get away with it. The best plan wins.

4: Turn off wifi

Turn off wifi for two hours just to see how you would do in a real emergency.



Have an idea to share? Please feel free to share it in the comments below.


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