Animals Invade Cities As People Quarantine Themselves At Home

As isolation roll out in various countries, people often bury themselves in movies, social media drama or a good book. While taking a walk outside is encouraged by some governments as long as they maintain distance from another person, a lot of people completely forget about the outer world. Well, nature, however, does its thing nonetheless and people are noticing an unexpected result of the lockdown. In Japan, Italy, and Thailand, people observed animals roaming the streets due to human absence.


01: In Japan, people are seeing deer that usually stays in the park roam out onto the streets


© okadennis / Twitter


02: From Itlay. another animal on the loose: “In my hometown, a random horse appears”


© dopo-magari-lo-cambio / Tumblr


03: Harold Hill In Romford, East London

East London

©Philippe Edmond / Facebook


04: Mountain Lions Roaming The Resident Area

Mountain Lions

©clicktosave / Reddit


05: fox sleeping on a tree stump in my parent’s backyard


©SaraReneeRyan / Twitter


06: Coyote In San Francisco when the tourists are away


©Becca Cook / Facebook


07: This Puma was spotted in Chile

Puma spotted in chile



Preview image credits ©GETTY IMAGES

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