16 Clever Ideas And Hacks That People Came Up With To Fight The Coronavirus Outbreak

With 339,900 affirmed cases the world over, 35,300 of which dwell in the US, the coronavirus flare-up is currently going all out. As whole countries are on lockdown, remaining solid might be more difficult than one might expect.

But people are a lot of extreme nuts to pop open. To show you exactly how dependable, cognizant, and joined we as a whole can be, Bored Sparrow has aggregated a rundown of thoughts intended to battle the infection. From revising show shows so everybody can see them all things considered, to designing a DIY ventilator that spares one as well as numerous lives simultaneously, nothing’s incomprehensible with regards to life in an emergency.

01: Genius Doctor uses his DIY skills to makes one ventilator ventilate multiple patients

Genius Doctor

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02: Using Toothpicks To Avoid Touching The Elevator Buttons


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03: News outlet in Canada is taping their microphones to hockey sticks to maintain social distance.

News outlet

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04: Hand-Washing Stations For The Homeless

Hand-Washing Stations

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05: Distancing Solution In A Danish Supermarket


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06: My Work Got New Key Rings

Key Rings

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07: They Took The Furniture Out Of Starbucks So People Won’t Gather Here


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08: Now in Italy, every other table is closed to ensure the distance between customers and avoid the spread of coronavirus


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09: Due To COVID-19, I’m Having To Go To All Of The Grocery Stores In My Area And Install Plastic Sneeze Guards On The Check Stands

Plastic Sneeze Guards

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10: The Way My Local Grocery Store Started Double Wrapping Bread To Reduce The Spread Of Coronavirus

Double Wrapping Bread

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11: The Waiting Room At My Doctor’s Office Today

My Doctor's Office

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12: He comes to talk to his dad every day since the nursing home is on lockdown

nursing home

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13: Someone placing random hand sanitizer station around in public places.

Not sure if it’s crazier to use it or to walk past it…

hand sanitizer

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14: The President Of Slovakia Showing Up In Her Hand-Tailored, Matching Fabric Surgical Mask

President Of Slovakia

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15: Road Maintenance Doesn’t Stop, I Made A Hand Washing Station For My Crew

Road Maintenance

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16: Good Socializing Etiquette In The Era Of The Coronavirus

Era Of The Coronavirus

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